Glove Ticket #1

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You are purchasing a business card from Akadema HI and access to a video link.

As an added FREE bonus, for every business card purchased, you will be entered into a drawing for the item as described below.

Upon purchase, your business card will be shipped to the mailing address that you provide at checkout. You will also receive an email (at the email provided at checkout) with the link to our YouTube Channel.

The number of slots per FREE bonus drawing will be listed below and may vary with each listing.  Once all slots are filled, everyone that has purchased a business card will be notified via the email provided at checkout that the drawing has been filled.

FREE bonus drawings will take place 24-48 hours after all slots have been filled.

The FREE bonus drawing will be conducted live on our YouTube Channel and the video will be saved for later viewing.

The winner will be selected using

  • 2 virtual dice will be rolled to determine the number of times the list of entries will be randomized
    • a roll of 2 will default to 3 randomizations
  • All entries will be entered into in the order of purchase (per BigCommerce timestamps) and randomized per the number of times as determined above.
  • The name listed in the top slot (#1) after all randoms have been completed will be the winner
  • The winner will be shipped the item as described below at no additional charge


If all slots are not filled by:               , all purchases for this listing will be refunded. Under no other circumstances will refunds be given for this listing.


Item Description:



Total # of Slots: